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He came to me with notions – he came to me lies
He came to me I noticed – the tears already dried
She told him it’s all over – she never told him why
She said she had to go away – for a little while
She claimed sophistication – it hid her ignorance
She couldn’t play a mother role – to her: her life came first

I know what you’ve gone through
Where you’re coming from
Where you’re going to

So if you’re gonna fall – fall my way
If you trip at all – trip this way
But if you’re gonna lay down – don’t
You wanna make it go away but it won’t

They had a conversation - they drank some alcohol
In a small club in a small world – she heard it all
She’d have to break it to him but he’d go off his head
They tried to change the subject – but she went home instead
She cried I know her reason – why she had to go
She still had part of you in her – she had to let it go

I don’t know how I feel he said - I don’t know if I care anymore
I suppose I’m a little freaked - But I’ve every reason to be
I just needed an opinion - I needed somebody to listen
I needed to talk to someone - To help me find a solution
I want what you have - But this situations way out a hand

So if you’re gonna fall – and if you’re gonna break
If you’re gonna run – if you’re going to erase
If you gonna trip – if you take a dive or slip
If you keep it in – cos you’ll never lose or win
If what they say is true – what’s it gonna make you do
I guess you’ll never know – so you’re caught in 22
Just remember if you fall - Just remember if you fall
Just remember if you fall - Just remember if you fall
I’m here to catch you


from Middle Child Syndrome, released April 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Ken Burke Dublin, Ireland


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